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How much will it cost to see the Doctor?

we have set our fees with our community in mind.

The fees below are guide as each of the doctors set their fees independently.


We are proud to provide bulk billing services to:

  • Children under 16

  • Anyone with a Pension Card

  • Anyone with a Health Care Card

  • DVA card holders


All other patients are required to pay a fee for their consultation.

The fees below are guide as each of the doctors set their fees independently.

Each doctor can choose to increase/decrease the fee or waive the fee.

A standard consultation (6-20 min) is $84, and medicare rebaters you $39.75*. Longer consultation (21-40 min) are $131 and medicare rebates you $76.95*.

*this applies for phone consultations.

If for any reason you can’t pay the fee the doctor has set, please ask to talk to the Practice Manager.


Patients who aren’t bulk billed need to pay the full amount of their consultation on the day of the visit. If you have linked your bank account details with Medicare, you will receive your Medicare rebate within 48 hours. Please ask staff for more details if you haven’t already linked your details with Medicare or visit to link your details while you wait.


Other Fees

Sale Medical Centre does not charge fees for transfer off records or if you miss an appointment.

Variable Fees apply for payments viaEFTPOS, these are applied at the time of transaction.

You will be notified of any other costs related to procedures or paperwork.

“Use your health, even to the point of wearing it out. That is what it is for. Spend all you have before you die; do not outlive yourself.”

George Bernard Shaw

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